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The Challenge Unraveled

We understand the complexities our clients face in today’s fast-paced market. We’re not interested in small incremental improvements. Our solution is designed to get you working differently to achieve dramatic results!

Operational and Market Challenges

Transforming raw materials into finished products swiftly is critical. Here’s what you’re up against:


Market Pressures and Scheduling

Consumer trends shift rapidly, demanding faster delivery. Traditional scheduling focused on operational efficiency often results in customer delays.


Financial Risks of Delays

Slow cycles can lead to expired and outdated products before reaching the market, resulting in significant write-offs.

Operational Challenges

Reducing manufacturing cycle times involves overcoming internal resistance, maintaining quality amid faster outputs, and requires unwavering support from senior management.

At Zinata, we don’t just recognize these challenges—we deliver value from them.

Optimizing Production

Zinata’s Four-Pillar Approach

Our approach is designed to foster enduring, transformative change.

Pillar #1 - The Operating Principle

Create Corridors of Supply

Streamline production by grouping products with similar frequencies to enhance flow, minimize downtime, and maximize asset use.

Pillar #2 - The Operating Model

Engaged Employees, Solve Problems, Serve Customers

Transform leaders into coaches, foster collaborative problem-solving, and prioritize timely deliveries to boost customer-centric performance.

Pillar #3 - The Change Management Principle

Recognize and Reward

Cement change with recognition and rewards, driving interdepartmental cooperation and aligning efforts with customer deadlines.

Pillar #4 - The Implementation Methodology

Active Participation and Ownership

Engage in a hands-on approach with workshops and coaching, involving active participation and ownership for lasting success.


Corridors of Supply

Products and Equipment

Similar product families are grouped onto sets of equipment ‘corridors’ to allow multi-stage products to flow quickly


Transformation Change Management

Leaders Become Coaches

Employees are engaged and motivated by autonomous responsibility

Engaged Employees


Scheduling in Continuous Flow

Collaborative Teams

Squads are created around product corridors with clear responsibilities and direction to deliver


Transformation Change Management

Accepting Disruption

This is daily business. Teams collaboratively problem-solve based on spontaneous association

Solve Problems


Scheduling in Continuous Flow

Problem Solving Method

Selecting the right tool for the right problem. Evaluation of countermeasures to achieve due dates.


Transformation Change Management

Meet The Date Mentality

Prioritizing due date over asset run hours. True end to end customer focused teams

Serve Customers


Scheduling in Continuous Flow

Meet The Date Management

A horizontal schedule breaks silos between departments and prioritizes due dates for all


Long Manufacturing Cycle Times are Killing Your Business!

Reducing production cycle time may not be a key performance indicator of your business today, but it should be. This single measure will transform your supply organization into a customer-centric ecosystem, allowing each function to collaborate to serve your customers.

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