Lean Manufacturing & Lean Supply Chain Consultant


Pete was the Lean Technology Leader for the DuPont Company for 18 years, transforming manufacturing operations and global supply chains through Value Stream Mapping, Supply Chain Mapping, inventory optimization, and other Lean tools. Prior to that, he spent 15 years as a project manager in DuPont’s Engineering department, leading and guiding major manufacturing automation projects.

Pete enabled a major nutraceuticals company to improve OEE and throughput through Product Wheel scheduling. As a result, production which had required 10 lines can now be fully accomplished on 8 lines, enabling a significant reduction in staffing. With the wheel in place, value stream mapping identified inventory reduction opportunities. Pete has repeated this success story across multiple companies. At a producer of high end brake fluid, transmission fluids, and diesel additives he improved OEE and productivity through the application of Product Wheel scheduling and reduced inventory through SKU analysis.

At DuPont he lead an analysis of a global Fluorochemicals supply chain, from the mining of Fluorospar in China and Venezuela through to production of fluorine based polymers in plants in Eastern U.S. This reduced working capital by $9 million while improving delivery performance.

Pete has written three books describing the improvement methodologies he practices:

In addition, Pete has written a number of articles on Lean concepts which have appeared in AME Target, APICS Magazine, and Industrial Engineer.