Zinata maintains partnerships and alliances with various organizations that share our approach to supply chain enhancement.

Phenix Software

Phenix offers process manufacturing companies effective operating strategies, production scheduling, and scenario planning to optimize capacity, inventory, and service levels. Real-time data visibility allows for agile decision-making and reduces ‘fire-fighting.’ Phenix uses mathematical algorithms to manage scheduling complexity, increasing efficiency and throughput. The experienced team at Phenix seamlessly integrates their solution with Zinata’s professional services to help customers meet their business objectives and overcome unique challenges.


Zinata partners with Kinaxis, a top-tier supply chain planning software, to provide end-to-end visibility and transparency across supply chain networks. As System Integrators and Change Management Partners, Zinata leverages their experience as supply chain leaders to guide and implement digital supply chain transformations using Kinaxis tools. They specialize in implementing data governance, offer Organizational Change Management services with Certified Prosci experts, and sustain systems through the implementation and leveraging of Center of Expertise(s).

McLagan International

Pat McLagan is a renowned expert with over 40 years of experience in guiding complex change initiatives, educating change leaders, and working with clients worldwide. Despite the fact that around 60% of change initiatives fail, Pat McLagan collaborates with clients to increase the probability of successful change projects with lower costs and more positive energy. This is why Zinata partners with McLagan International, Inc., as we both understand the importance of leadership in driving transformational change. With a focus on leadership development initiatives, McLagan International, Inc. brings a unique and experienced perspective to the table.

Lean Dynamics LLC

Lean Dynamics provides Lean concepts and tools to improve manufacturing and supply chain operations. We engage and train client managers, engineers, planners, and mechanics in the use of these tools and guide them through analysis processes to identify where they can be most beneficial. Our approach leads to reduced inventory, improved customer service, shorter lead times, better OEE, and increased operating stability. We use practices such as Value Stream Mapping, Visual Management, Cellular Manufacturing, Product Wheel scheduling, and Pull replenishment systems to achieve these benefits. Zinata and Lean Dynamics have been partnering since early 2014, most notably on the project described in the Wheel of Fortune case study.


Zinata has teamed up with enVista Corp, a leading provider of supply chain optimization solutions. With enVista Corp’s cutting-edge technology and expertise in supply chain management, we’re able to offer our clients an even wider range of services and solutions to help them achieve their business goals. From optimizing supply chains to driving growth, our partnership with enVista is all about delivering innovative solutions, exceptional service, and unparalleled value to our clients. Explore the benefits of our partnership today and take your business to the next level.