Our not-so-secret weapon.

The Zinata Accelerator Program (ZAP) is our master file of best practices, built and proven over decades, to accelerate your time to value. We adapt it to each client to stimulate new ways of thinking in your best people and quickly define new competitive capabilities. We know what questions to ask – and already have many sample answers – in business processes, capability designs and technical standards. The Zinata Accelerator Programs facilitate open discussion, drive an outside-in philosophy and stimulate end-to-end integrative thinking.

After conducting thorough assessments of your operations, we apply the appropriate ZAP. They connect functions and business units across work processes. Standards once viewed as an operational brake become an accelerator, speeding up and smoothing out all processes, from the initial science to the end user. When it comes to the recipe, we have taken ZAP to another level. Recipe management is so complex that we have created a Zinata Standard Framework to house our approach. There are two parts to the Framework. One part is to create standard capabilities for people and process that are independent of technology.

We trigger collaboration

The Zinata Accelerator Programs becomes your standard tools and processes. The same language, structure and approach apply across product development, manufacturing and supply chain. It’s what triggers disruptive change. Moreover, we teach your people to continue with it themselves, after we have left. It’s then, when your teams start taking ownership of their future, that our enduring value is fully revealed.

Unorthodox? Yes

Our way works for us, and more importantly, for our clients. Read our case studies to get a problem-solution-result look into Zinata at work.