It all starts with the voice of the customer.
You need to know what services are considered “the price of entry” and which are true growth enablers. You need to get your head around “outside in” thinking instead of “inside out” thinking. With customer insights as the driver, you can prioritize your supply chain efforts to win at the first moment of truth. It is all about balanced trade-offs. We focus on planning as the lynchpin to making the right trade-off decisions across a multi-functional work group. The goal is a successful sales & operations planning process that, as it matures, evolves into a truly integrated business-wide planning process. It’s easy to say, but hard to put in place and keep it running effectively.


The supply network is the path to the consumer/patient.
A good supply network design flows from your business strategy and your customer segment requirements. It answers the questions: What to make and where to make it? How to distribute products and from where? Once it’s designed, you then need a way to keep your multi-echelon inventory model optimized through fast-changing circumstances.