NOW Mode

If it happens now, you deal with it now. NOW Mode relies on people communicating by virtual means, using social media. In NOW Mode, communities of multi-disciplinary people spontaneously react to unexpected events by constructing solutions through the combination of multiple skills and knowledge.

Digital HIVE’s

Communities of individuals focused on a common objective, operating in NOW Mode, communicating through social media.

HIVE = Human Interaction Virtual Environment

Coping with change – elegantly
Incremental change has its place, but market changes often render newly designed processes, systems, operations and supply networks obsolete almost as soon as you put them in place. What if you had an operation ready to cope with frequent, rapid changes in your industry without needing to change the structure and way of operating the enterprise? What if you could build the capacity to change into the fabric of your business?

It is possible. We have experience doing it. We call it Smart Enterprise. This term refers to the digitization of the Enterprise and the concept of highly adaptive configurable operations. In our approach, we focus on the transformation of the Enterprise into a culture of people organized in collaborative digital HIVE’s, working in NOW mode and leveraging the insights of powerful Predictive Analytics.

In Smart Manufacturing we approach manufacturing as a platform, capable of accepting varying ranges of product recipes, surrounded by people organized to resolve unexpected problems rapidly. It leverages our approach to Enterprise Recipe Management and is based on standardized, modular equipment and automation. It turns previously batched operations into continuous manufacturing setups.

Smart Supply Chains have an ability to direct supply flows to multiple markets by innovatively architecting the management of supply into highly adaptive global teams organized as a network of digital HIVE’s, capable of quickly managing disruptions in demand, in supply, in the portfolio of products and in the sources of those products.. This gives you a plug & play capability for new acquisitions, adding or removing suppliers and customers with minimal impact on your service levels to the market.