Scott Jensen

Scott has over 20 years’ experience in supply chain and operations management. His core working knowledge and broad skill set encompasses production control and material planning, master scheduling/management, forecast development, inventory control, supply chain management and process improvement consulting. His professional expertise includes material requirements planning (MRP), master production scheduling (MPS), sales forecasting & operations planning (S&OP), inventory control and project management.

With Zinata since 2013, one of Scott’s key roles is as business integration lead. He has successfully led a major client’s project team in the life science industry in its implementation of Oracle ASCP. He has created best practice work instructions and work processes, provided user training on foundational concepts and a “day in the life ASCP use”, and supported the system implementer on key project tasks and milestones.
Scott’s unique blend of educational instruction, real-world supply chain experience and consulting provides him a 360-degree view of how a supply chain should best function. He is realistic and understands how and why supply chains tend to fall short, given an organization’s day-to-day constraints and pressures to meet schedules. With this unusual background and insight, he understands how to bridge the gap between “what we do today” and “what we should do it tomorrow”.

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