Zinata Founder & CEO

Noel Peberdy

Noel has thirty years’ global experience in product supply chain improvement in food and beverage, life sciences and the mining & metals industries.

Through the course of his varied career, he observed that a great many companies were struggling with common industry process gaps. This realization prompted him to create Zinata as an integrative supply chain improvement provider dedicated to addressing a key industry need: The development of standard processes and enabling systems to achieve business competitive advantage.

As an executive-level consultant, he has helped many customers achieve breakthrough business objectives in product supply, manufacturing and new product development areas. He has a passion for the people side of initiatives, and has been a catalyst for customers to drive significant and lasting change in their organizations.

As Founder and President of Zinata, Noel acts as program manager for clients’ product supply transformation initiatives. He helps in the reengineering of processes and systems to drive improvement in consistent and reliable product supply. He created an enterprise-level Communities of Practice across a leading North American manufacturing company. These COPs became advocates and change leaders for a company-wide business transformation initiative.

He has led many enterprise-wide business initiatives that enhanced the capabilities of teams to improve manufacturing reliability and product quality, reduced the time to develop new products, eliminated waste in all its forms and leveraged world-class performance management approaches. He has had very successful results in leading manufacturing performance improvement initiatives involving visual factory, daily management systems, value stream mapping & process improvement, equipment deep cleans, routine & breakdown maintenance processes, changeover & setup time reduction and team design.

Noel has worked as a consultant and project manager in numerous global environments, helping to integrate end-to-end processes, processing and product distribution for production, quality, compliance and integrated performance reporting.

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