The good camper’s ethic.

In initial discussions with new clients, as the topic of their past dealings with consulting firms is raised, we hear some common refrains:

“Consultants always leave destruction in their wake… They bring an army of number crunchers with no real-world experience… It’s always death by PowerPoint… They foist upon us ‘successful’ technology projects that just don’t deliver on their business value promise…”

We are the anti-consultants
Zinata’s unique ability is uniting people, process and technology to deliver desired business results. Zinata people have fought in similar trenches as those you find yourself in today. We’ve spent decades in the world of supply chains, procedures, technologies, politics, resistance to change, etc. We have emerged as thought leaders with workable fixes to the problems that hinder complex organizations. We stand not before a big brand, but before several hundred combined years of experience. And we have the gray hairs to prove it.

Non-destructive amelioration

The only preconceived notion Zinata operates under is a desire to understand and respect your situation today with a goal of helping you arrive at a more functional tomorrow – and all without blowing everything to smithereens. Our clients tell us they like that we treat them and their people with respect. That we fill the gaps, and provide the expertise that they may lack, but with the good camper’s ethic of always leaving things in better shape than they were found in.

Lead with curiosity and humility

Doing what we do effectively requires our practitioners to remain humble, curious and pragmatic. Our approach turns big projects into doable mini-projects that, once understood and absorbed by the client, build organizational capability.

We have a belief that 1 + 1 can equal 11; it all comes down to removing barriers.