Zinata believes in the old adage “seek first to understand” – so we start by listening to you. We want to understand what you are good at and what you are struggling with.

Then we put the work in context. We help you step back and look at the problem – in the broader context of the larger business process or in the context of the multi-functional hand-offs. This often reveals a broader root cause rather than the narrower symptom initially described.

Then we create experiences using proven methods and models for the leaders and the people who collectively make the product. People see where they fit. People see how it all fits together – in a new and better way…and the penny drops.


How it all fits together

There is a business model that directs our approach. It starts with full understanding of your business vision, strategy and goals. Zinata helps you translate that vision into business requirements.

Translating the business vision, strategy and goals into business requirements and then translating the business requirements into standards is our specialty. We have created Zinata Accelerator Programs (ZAP’s) which act as an accelerator to the creation of your own standard framework. There are two parts – one to create standard capabilities for people and process that are independent of technology.

The other part is to develop the standards that are specific to the technology.

Those standards then drive reliable, synchronized execution so you deliver your promised results and scale across sites. Since the world and business expectations continue to evolve, we help you create a Governance Model. This allows you to avoid the infamous backsliding and drives your sustainable continuous improvement. It puts you in charge of your destiny. Our job is done.