What We Do, And For Whom.

Our strengths are in three process industries – pharmaceuticals, consumer products and food & beverage. We work multiple fronts to systemize collaboration and efficiency toward clients’ short- and long-term goals. Whatever the area, we help you navigate the waves of disruption that are rocking your ship.

Product value chain

We view the product value chain as an extended supply chain, spanning from R&D to manufacturing to supply chain to consumer / patient. It encompasses all aspects of the product, the lifeblood of your company.

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New product development

Your reason for being is the products you sell. The recipe is the very definition of the product – invented in R&D, scaled up in engineering and produced in manufacturing. We help you manage the recipe across the entire enterprise. We have guides for your product launch process so you get to market faster and then we help you balance your portfolio on-going. So how do we help you develop something new, and bring it to market?

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The seamless integration of manufacturing into supply chains is key to ensuring that plans are viable and that products are made according to plan. We can help you create a world class manufacturing operation with excellent OEE, superb asset utilization and engaged work teams – because we’ve done it before. Integrating planning with the shop floor can reduce the chaos you might be experiencing today – we are big fans of product wheel planning. Finally, since simple tools often drive the biggest benefit – tools like Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping and SKU Rationalization – we teach you how to use them. Are you ready to turn your small pockets of operational excellence into a broadscale success?

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Supply chain

We believe in the “outside in” approach to supply chain so we start with the voice of the customer and help you make sure it is driving your supply chain strategy. We also believe that supply chain success is totally dependent on cross-functional business processes. That means as we work on Integrated Business Planning (S&OP or IBP) and supply network design and optimization, we incorporate a bunch of “silo busting” techniques to get your functions talking to each other and making decisions faster. We have taken that collaborative approach to a new level in the attack on cash. Find out how to get people to stop pointing fingers and start working together.

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Smart Enterprise

Are you slow to integrate acquisitions or react to changes in demand? Most operations are unable to cope with frequent, rapid changes in the business without needing to change the structure and way of operating the enterprise. Enter Smart Enterprise. Smart Enterprise is a term we coined that refers to the digitization of the Enterprise and the concept of highly adaptive configurable operations. In our approach, we focus on the transformation of the Enterprise into a culture of people organized in collaborative digital HIVE’s, working in NOW mode and leveraging the insights of powerful Predictive Analytics. Are you ready to build the capacity to change into the fabric of your business?

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Cultural Transformation

Building new competitive capabilities demands that everyone change how they think, how they work and how they work together. Since success or failure of a transformation is 90% attributable to changes in leadership behavior – we have honed our executive workshops. They get to the heart of the matter rather than politely dance around the edges. Are you ready to experience the tipping point?

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