Think Different

Change is not a linear process

Building new competitive capabilities demands that everyone change how they think, how they work and how they work together. That starts with a frank evaluation of where everyone is today. Zinata assesses the maturity of your organization and its practices, comparing them to our best-in-class models. We use these insights to map out your cultural transformation journey – and how to ensure it sticks.

Converting the masses starts at the top
We’ve learned that the success or failure of a transformation is 90% attributable to changes in leadership behavior. To effect that change, we custom-create a series of workshops coupled with leadership coaching. These programs are informed by our many decades of success at this, and also by the fresh insights we’re continuously gathering. This is the tipping point for our clients. Management people frequently tell us that our workshops were akin to “religious experiences” for them.

People Make the Product
Transformation depends on an underlying change in mindset. It starts with giving people the lens to see work as an interconnected process. People want to understand where they fit. We create the experiences where they see the fit – and the penny drops. That is when the power of the people is unleashed.