How Zinata came to be.

The name Zinata comes from a South African tree that represents life as we know it. The young twigs are zigzag, indicating that life is not always straightforward. There are two thorns – one facing backward representing where we come from and one facing forward representing where we are going.

Zinata was founded in 2011 by Noel Peberdy. His mandate was to help companies drive transformational change in their product value chain and critical business processes.

Throughout his career, Noel observed many companies were struggling with common disconnects – within and between new product development, manufacturing and supply chain – resulting in huge complexity and waste. These disconnects represent some of the highest value opportunities for business improvement. This prompted him to create Zinata as an integrative product value chain improvement provider, to help manufacturers to achieve their goals. To bring it all to life, he sought out other like-minded and experienced managers who had been successful in driving change in large organizations. Together they formed Zinata.

Photo by Bernard Dupont / CC BY-SA 2.0
The name Zinata comes from a South African tree that represents life as we know it.

Been all over, done a lot

Today, Zinata is a fast-growing group of seasoned practitioners. We’ve done the work, acquired the wisdom and now we’re sharing it. We may come from disparate industries and countries, but we all run on three fundamental beliefs that remain central to our offering:


  1. That the greatest opportunities come from the work processes that traverse functional boundaries.
  2. To help others, you need to have walked in their path yourself.
  3. You must leave the client more capable to solve emerging problems on their own than they were the day you walked through their door.

This philosophy, combined with our deep, eclectic talent pool give Zinata its life-force.

Speed as effect.

One Zinata client might wish to fast-track a doubling of production. Another seeks to iron the kinks out of a global supply chain in order to bring a new drug to market with maximum efficiency. A different client wants to break people out of their organizational bubbles and have them focus on a unified aspiration.

How we help is unique

We are a group of deeply experienced professionals who have worked for and with some of the most successful and complex organizations on the planet. We each have areas of intensely honed expertise. The Zinata people you meet initially are those who will, for a time, become part of the inner workings of your organization to plan, effect and manage change.

When our work is done, we leave

And we leave you fully prepared to continue the work using the models we helped you establish.

We reject the consultant model

We are a virtual company with no headquarters, no overhead and no interest in BS-ing our clients. Our people are their own mobile, expert agents of change, working from a client site, airplane, home or hotel – reachable and ready always. What you won’t find at Zinata are interns, “brilliant number crunchers” with no real-world perspective, or tenured deadwood. We are a tight group of high-end talents, sleeves rolled-up, working with and answering directly to our C-suite clients.